About Us

Analysis To Action

Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc.
 is an expert in economic and business market research, forecasting, and policy analysis.  Founded by Jack Kleinhenz, Ph.D. in 1998, Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. applies state-of-the-art analytical techniques to develop innovative, practical solutions for business problems.

Our client-driven products include demographic and economic analyses, industry studies, economic impact and contribution studies, labor market studies, public policy reviews of existing and proposed programs, U.S. and regional forecasting, strategic planning and business plan development. Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. provides reliable and impartial economic analysis for both full-scale research projects and advisory services.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial service companies, regulators, planners, universities, airports, manufacturers, chambers of commerce, trade associations, non-profit organizations and state and local government agencies.  Kleinhenz & Associates, Inc. is committed to establishing strong relationships with clients by creating value through high quality research.