Economic and Industry Trends

Kleinhenz & Associates is on the cutting edge of economic and industry trends.  Whether it is short term outlooks or long term overview of industry projections, Kleinhenz & Associates works with government entities, non-profit organizations, and private businesses to focus on economic development.  Covering such wide ranging topics from technology and logistics, to utilities, digital policies, and manufacturing, Kleinhenz & Associates turns Analysis into Action.

Project Examples

  • Examined a seven county region in Western Ohio as it relates to creating a regional economic development plan. Created an analysis of the economic base of the region and provided projections based on existing trends while identifying high growth opportunities.
  • Formulated economic development strategy for advanced manufacturing firms in Youngstown, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. The analysis included historical and forecast data related to the regional economy, location study, and targeted industry recommendations.
  • Studied the Northeast Ohio region’s infrastructure with regard to transportation, logistics, utility, and broadband infrastructure. Provided a framework for understanding the Northeast Ohio region’s infrastructure and the relationship between these assets and the region’s diversified industrial base of knowledge based technology and traditional and advanced IT, energy, and manufacturing industries.
  • In a multi-year collaborative effort with the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, developed a framework for understanding regional economic activity and to track a region’s economic progress. The engagement developed methodology used to construct and design a regional dashboard.