Economic Impact Studies

Kleinhenz & Associates provides in depth economic impact studies that capture the direct, indirect, and induced effects on the economy of a particular project or industry.  Economic impact studies research the quantitative impact of topics by including economic and financial data that may include estimates of tax information, employment data, and GDP, to explore the economic implications of the topic being studied.  Kleinhenz & Associates is well known for its economic impact studies throughout the regional oil and gas industry and on topics ranging from climate studies, to transportation, technology, housing, and energy resources.

Project Examples

  • Currently engaged in study that quantifies the economic impact of the 2014 Toledo drinking water crisis due to algae bloom in Lake Erie.
  • Evaluated the economic contribution and affiliated benefits of the operations of a major museum, including significant capital expenditures related to facility expansion and the expenditures from visitors.
  • Examined a 25-year replacement program for a major gas pipeline on the State of Ohio’s Economy.
  • Conducted an assessment of the potential economic impact associated with the emergence of a significant market for offshore wind in Lake Erie. Estimates were made for the economic impact upon the state of Ohio, Northern Ohio (21 counties), and Northeast Ohio (14 counties). This study investigated the economic effects of two scenarios depicting different deployment rates of wind turbines in Lake Erie.
  • Identified and estimated the economic benefits to the State of Ohio from the products, information, services, and expenditures provided by and associated with the Ohio Geological Survey (OGS).   Kleinhenz & Associates advanced a theoretical framework to explain the private as well as public good benefits provided by the OGS.